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Background music license for your business

Background music – is an effective marketing instrument.

The right musical arrangement will create a unique positive image of your business (shops, restaurants, boutiques, supermarkets, shopping malls, galleries, exhibitions, sport clubs etc.), extend the time visitors spend in the place and eventually it will help to increase your profit and the good mood of your visitors.

We’ll create for you a track list which gives you the advantage in the competition, emphasizes your individuality and singularity. We will take into account the size of your business. The music will be picked up depending on the time of day and always emphasise on holidays.

We work only with licensed music catalogues so we guarantee you legal assistance in the field of copyright.


Make your audio broadcast not just a pleasant music but also informative. Tell visitors about discounts and promotions, loyalty programs and sales.

We’ll install the software which will meet the technical requirements of your place, for example, the "Classic" - "Scheduler" for places with a closed inner Internet network.
Or "Innovation" - online radio "Retail Radio" - for places with public access to Internet.

Broadcast Management

You do not need to spend time updating the track-list and uploading a huge amount of music into the system of audio broadcast or enter with great care commercials into your broadcast according to the media plan. We’ll be responsible for the broadcast management as we are experienced enough working for more than 6 years in this direction.

Equipment (audio and video systems)

You are about to open your restaurant? Or decided to upgrade the audio (video) broadcast? Do you want to install the audio (video) system, which you didn’t have before?

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Our experts will make the measurements and calculations at your place and offer the best quality technical solutions just for your business.